Saint Dominic's Flashback - available now
Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 2:41PM
Pete in Saint Dominic's Flashback, Saint Dominic's Preview, Van Morrison

I am delighted to say that my book Saint Dominic's Flashback: Van Morrison's Classic Album, Forty Years On is now available.

The idea was to take an intensive look at Saint Dominic's Preview - both how it came to be made and how it sounds today - and to tell the story in a way that could say something interesting more generally about Van Morrison's art and the music scene of the early 70s.

You can find it on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions: in the UK, US and even Japan (though sadly the book hasn't been translated just yet...)

I've posted a press release on the Work section of the site, which I hope will whet your appetite.

It has been a fascinating process getting to this point, digging into the history, talking and corresponding with many of the talented folk who made the record, and re-immersing myself in some wonderful music.

I'm sure there is an audience out there for it: the trick now is to connect with that audience. Watch this space.

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