Tunng: movement in the undergrowth
Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 10:50AM
Pete in diagrams, tunng

Excellent to hear that a new studio album from Tunng is on its way. They're probably my favourite discovery of recent years and their sabbatical through 2012 left a definite gap in my personal soundscape.

There was an attractive substitute in the shape of Mike Lindsay's Cheek Mountain Thief album, which I liked a lot, but it will be good to have the full band back in action.

The other Tunng-related release last year was Sam Genders' Diagrams release Black Light. It didn't immediately grab me: I felt at the time that it was a bit too poppy and the lyrics too deliberately zany. But 12 months later, I've got there and have really warmed to an upbeat and consistently inventive set of songs. And - while I don't particularly want to plug Amazon - I now find they have vinyl copies available for the knockdown price of £6.45... Grab while stocks last. Here's a taste.

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